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Fita Cassete - textos ruins por Giancarlo Rufatto

Coletânea de textos escritos entre 2005 e 2008.

01 mayonaise, The Smashing Pumpkins.
02 i see a darkness, Johnny Cash.
03 if you see her say hello, Bob Dylan.
04 dancing in the dark, Pete Yorn.
05 so real, Jeff Buckley.
06 god only knows, Beach Boys.
07 come pick me up, Ryan Adams.
08 love will tear us apart, Joy Division.
09 crazy about you, Whiskeytown.
10 twilight, Elliott Smith.
11 highlands, Bob Dylan
12 life in a glass house, Radiohead.
13 sour times, Portishead.
14 Howl, BRMC
15 you and me song, Wannadies.
16 when you come back home? Ryan Adams.
17 hey, Pixies.
18 a day in life, Beatles.
19 The darkness on the edge of town, Bruce Springsteen.
20 love is a losing game, Amy Winehouse.
21 last goodbye, Jeff Buckley.
22 clementine, Elliott Smith.
24 Með Blóðnasir, Sigur’ros.
25 highway 61 revisited, Bob Dylan.
26 racing in the streets, Bruce Springsteen.
27 don’t take my sunshine away, sparklehorse
28 dancing in the dark – Bruce springsteen
29 The ballad of thin man – Bob Dylan